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Wandering Bones EP - Megan Lui

Once again I am very proud to introduce another close musician friend of mine on Living In The Midst.

Hailing from Granite Bay California, singer songwriter Megan Lui has just recently released her debut EP entitled Wandering Bones.

At first listen the record sounds like yet another addition to the neo-folk genre that seems to be sweeping through the kingdom of Hipster, just a stone’s throw away from the hamlet of indie synth pop. But upon a second listen, and then a third, and a fourth, I came to realize that I had completely fallen under Lui’s musical enchantment. 

Wandering Bones has “Grower” written all over it. 

The EP is a kind of musical adventure that requires a certain amount of patient at the beginning, but before you know it, the hooks are in deep and start to tug at your heart and intellect. Once under the spell, you will see that Lui playfully flirts with melodies and words, her voice at times as gentle as a lullaby and at times as strong as the Motown greats. 

There are some unique sonic surprises throughout the EP and the organic production of the tracks is a marriage made in heaven with Lui’s vocal style. But I feel that what sets Megan Lui apart is how she manages to simultaneously express a sense of vulnerability and confidence. I feel this duality gives the record its honesty and as a listener gives us a way to greatly relate to Lui’s tales of lost love, birds in flight, and finding a way home.

I am writing this review on a farm outside of Sora, Italy (two hours outside of Rome), and this morning as I was applying termite repellent to a door and chopping firewood, the track Rattle My Bones was definitely rattling something inside me, stirring up memories and emotions that have yet to be sorted and filed. That’s when I realized that Lui had completed one of the major objectives of any artist with a introspective record,

Making a connection. 

For this I salute Lui and all those who were involved in the production of the record. There’s something here folks, but I am sure that “Something” will be a little bit different for everybody.

You can download Wandering Bones at for as little or as much you like, you get to name the price! The featured Mp3 is my favorite of the bunch entitled “Undefinable”. 

"You helped to tame me,                                                                                              and I helped to heal you,                                                                                  Somewhere in the middle of it all…"

If that doesn’t give you goosebumps, you better check your pulse.

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